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We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships

  • One time Placement

  • Exclusive Placements

  • Recruitment Partner

Inophia with a vast database and recruiter’s network offers differentiated services to its clientele. The services offered can be altered to the various needs of the client’s based on critical and quantity. The clients can choose as to how they could use the team to its advantage as per their need. The clients can choose from…


One time placement: Based on need and urgency the client can go in for a one time placement, to tap talented resources from the market, based on skills, years of experience and quality of resources.


Exclusive Placements: The client can choose to outsource any requirement of critical sensitivity to Inophia, who in turn will work closely with the client to fulfill the required need. This is well suited for requirements under bidding, positions which would require targeting competitors, identifying resources with similar talents based on a particular project or domain.


Recruitment Partnership: Best suited for clients who are promising a start-ups. Outsource the recruitment function to team Inophia who in turn will work closely with the clients to fulfil the requirements for a stipulated period. The package to be customised based on the clients need, which works as a cost effective recruitment strategy.